18 January 2007

Ahoy Mates - Pirate Spoilage Aplenty

These dandies were up at AintItCool.com until some suits from Disney got their panties in a bunch. Luckily, they are still up at FilmWad.com So, now they are on this little pirate blog. Yo Ho. According to this concept art Pirates 3 will hold adventures galore, but i still am waiting for me ROBOT Pirates.

A nasty whirlpool:
A cave of broken ships:

The literal "World's End":

Beached ship:

Chow Yun's ship:

Keira 2.0, this looks like more of a concept for the pirates ride renovation:

Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)


j said...

So, if you sail to the end of the world, and fall off on to dry land, then are you in Asia? Thats all I can come up with from these pictures we're seeing. Aren't we about due for a trailer, given that the movie is coming up in a couple (4?) months?

Chip Chief said...

I am actually surprised by how many people do not realize that this movie is even coming out this year. It is high time for a trailer. Maybe the move is just not done yet... that wouldnt bode well, but I heard there have been numerous production problems.

j said...

I talked to someone just the other day who said they were bummed to have to wait two more years for a wrap-up. I would have thought the same thing if you hadn't informed me to the contrary. I would guess that a vast portion of the public has no idea that the finale is coming so soon.

They should have put that at the end of the credits instead of that stupid dog part that I waited 10 minutes to see.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that you'll probably see a trailer during the Super Bowl

Si said...

Hi Chip Chief. Thanks for being the first to post a comment on Film Splat. I'm returning the favour! As for this Pirates stuff, I think the concept artists have been a bit generous with Keira's "Dead Man's Chest". Also nice to see someone give Solaris some props.

Dragulf said...

Photoshop is a wonderfull tool.

Anonymous said...

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