03 January 2007

Bond Box Office Through the Years

Due to popular demand, and thanks to the good data at BoxOfficeMojo.com I have generated this chart comparing Domestic Box Office (in Millions of $) of all the Bond Movies. It is not adjusted for inflation, but feel free to do those adjustments at your leisure. Also, since Casino Royale is still going strong, it looks like a lock to become the #1 earner in gross domestic box office (it has already claimed the all time #1 spot worldwide).

The Orange bars represent unofficial Bond Films. The original Casino Royale was a spoof with Peter Sellers and Woody Allen. Never Say Never Again was a Thunderball remake starring an aged Sean Connery.

Also make sure to check out the charts of strict Theater Attendance.

Casino Royale (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition)

James Bond Ultimate Editions


Anonymous Mysterious Person said...

I don't know bout you, but I think James Bond is more of a mindless action flick.

Their plots are getting too predictable, and they always fall victim to the action flicks cliches(e.g falling in love with someone affiliated with the enemy, villians with terrible aiming, ally turns out to be working for enemy etc.)

It is like the same template being used with different events. Sorta like Bollywood of Hollywood.

New layout. cool. happy new year to you.

Chip Chief said...

it is surprising to me that of all the movie franchises in the world, James Bond has 21 films.

I am a fan of the series, but it seems like no other sereis can get beyond 3 or 4 movies before the wheels completely fall off. Harry Potter is the only other series (arguably Star Wars too) with 4 strong films in a row.