16 January 2007

Iron Man Rejects

EDIT: My apologies to Vic at ScreenRant.com I initially posted this new concept image without permission or credit. As you can see, I edited the image from the one shown below it as I only wanted to show the concept image and not the drawing of the current Iron Man from the comics. In my cropping, I unprofessionally removed the ScreenRant logo, and failed to credit the source. In the future, I pledge to be more careful to give credit where it is due. As a sign of good will, I have replaced ALL the images with ones graciously provided to me by ScreenRant. By the way, ScreenRant is a cool site. Both of my readers should check it out!


As May 2008 approaches, the Iron Man news is gonna start coming in! A while back I offered you this image of a rejected, though still cool design for Iron Man from the upcoming Iron Man movie.

Well, here are a few more suits that didn't make the cut. With these designs as rejects, the final design better be awesome.

AND Speaking of the final design, here is a rumored concept drawing of the final design from Screen Rant.com.

Keep coming back for more Iron Man news, and while you are at it, check out the official site by clicking the logo below.

Invincible Iron Man


Screen Rant said...

These images were ALL lifted from my site ScreenRant.com without permission or credit. Click on my link if you want to go to the source of these images.


Chip Chief said...

I have updated this post with an apology to Vic and ScreenRant.com

Screen Rant is a great site, and I am sure fans of servewithchips would like what they find there.

Lastly, I do want to point out that while ALL of these images are found on Vic's site, they were not all lifted from there by me. The rejected designs have been floating around for months (though for all I know they may have all originated from ScreenRant), and I just used this new image from ScreenRant as a motivation to post the others as well... which I readily admit was wrong.

Screen Rant said...

Hey dude, thanks for the quick update to the page. FYI, part of the reason that I added my site name to the images is *because* of people grabbing the images and posting them all over the place.


Anonymous said...

Very cool images of the suit, but what I wanna know is - will it be a good movie?