08 January 2007

Marvel vs DC - Superhero Box Office Showdown

2007 has three big Marvel movies coming out with Ghost Rider in February, the Amazing Spider-Man in May and the Fantastic Four in June. But where are the DC heroes? Where is the Flash or Green Lantern, or even Aquaman? We will have to wait until next year to see DC's next project, another Batman film. So, how have Marvel and DC shared their box office receipts over the years? See for yourself (numbers compiled from boxofficemojo.com):

As of now, Marvel has the edge, and things aren't gonna change anytime soon.

The future looks even brighter for Marvel with a stacked slate of upcoming films including this year's Ghost Rider, Spider-Man 3, and Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer, next year's Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk, and the inevitable Wolverine film (with many more projects underway). DC is sticking with its big guns with next year's The Dark Knight and 2009's Superman: The Man of Steel. Wonder Woman should make it to the big screen eventually as well. Stick with SERVEwithCHIPS for all the developments.

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Dragulf said...

Basicly Marvel has made 500M+ more than DC in 10 years and DC had a 20 year head start.

Chip Chief said...

pretty much. even figuring for inflation, Marvel has been pretty dominant, and after 2007 their lead will be at least another 500 million.

Anonymous said...

You left out V For Vendetta. That's technically a DC-based movie.

Chip Chief said...

I did leave that one out, but it was after some thought. I wanted these charts to represent the superhero genre, and I felt that V didnt really qualify. still, i can see an argument to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

I can see your point. Though, I'd argue "V" is more in the superhero vein than "Constantine." But to-may-to, to-mah-to.

BTW, this is a cool blog. Love the yearly retrospectives! Thumbs up!

Chip Chief said...

thanks! you know, i really was on the fence with constantine too. maybe if i update these charts i will just add v too. at least i will err on the side of being comprehensive.

Will said...

Can we see the numbers adjusted for inflation? I think that would paint a different picture...

Dean Milburn said...

I just went through and adjusted all the films using the MPAA’s average ticket price for each year, and it’s DC who has had the greater market share.

The DC films listed had total paid admissions of 374.3 million (52.4%) vs. Marvel’s paid admissions of 340 million (47.6%).

DC’s average ticket is only $4.19 (about 1991 level) vs. Marvel’s average ticket of $5.99 (about 2003 level).

Here is the rank of paid admissions by film -

Spider-Man 2
Batman Forever
Batman Returns
Superman II
Batman Begins
Superman Returns
Fantastic Four
Batman and Robin
Superman III
Blade II
Blade: Trinity
Superman IV
Batman MOTP

Dean Milburn said...

That being said, even if V for Vendetta were added on the DC side, Marvel will clearly pass DC in paid admissions in 2007.

Chip Chief said...

thanks dean! its just carzy that 5 years ago, marvel had only like 10% of the market, if that.

majorjoe23 said...

The Men in Black films are technically Marvel films as well, but it doesn't really fall into the superhero category.

Anonymous said...

where was Batman 2