11 January 2007

Radar Blips - The Black Hole

The Year: 1979 - 2 years after Star Wars

The Players: Ernest Borgnine, Roddy McDowall & The Walt Disney Company venturing into Sci-Fi

The Take: $36 million

What's the Black Hole: The Black Hole is a space anomally that sucks everything into it, including light. What it is not is a super dense collapsed star or other piece of matter, as one can actually pass through it.

Why you should see it: This movie has a great build up. There is something very mysterious going on in this deep space vessle perched above the black hole. And the robot Maximilian is a cool villain as well. Though the ending is a bit of a mess (someone saw 2001, didn't understand the ending, but thought it would be cool too have a similar "thought provoking" finale) it is enjoyable to watch this Disney foray into sci-fi. If nothing else, The Black hole has pretty decent effects and designs that contribute to an eerie mood set in deep space. Oh, and they do enter the anomally, just don't expect to ever understand what they find there.

The Black Hole


j said...

We had a Read-Along with the tape book for this one when I was a kid, but all I really remember was Maximillian and some other smaller robots.

Chip Chief said...

yes, V.I.N.C.E.N.T the little bot is also quite memorable