29 January 2007

Shrek 5? Madagascar 4? You're Kidding Right?

According to this article, Dreamworks admits that it has rushed out too many movies and vows to slow down the process focusing more on story development. So, instead of releasing 2 movies a year, they are going to release just 2 movies a year. Um, yeah, big change! I guess the difference is that instead of having 2 new films, they will release 1 new film and 1 sequel a year. Apparently sequels are quicker to churn out. So they have already mapped out 5 Shreks, and then a Puss-in-Boots spin off, and 4 Madagascars.

Frankly, I think this article is a bunch of BS. If you look at Dreamwork's films that have underperformed, you have Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit, Over the Hedge and Flushed Away. Both Wallace and Gromit and Over the Hedge were fantastic films. W&G underperformed because it was claymation and had broader British than American appeal (damned yanks!) It had NOTHING to do with story. It won the academy award after all for best animated film. As for Over the Hedge, I think the timing of another animal pack movie was what hurt it because the film was smart, funny, and great. I can't speak for Flushed Away since I haven't seen it, but again, the clay style and Britishisms probably just didn't appeal to Americans.

As for the hits, the Shrek's have been decent so far with perhaps too many pop culture references, but Madagascar and Shark Tale were both hits and they had the most problems with story. Basically, Dreamworks is just trying to say the right things to their investors hoping that they aren't actually watching their movies. Now that computer animated films are becoming a dime a dozen, they actually have to fight for blockbuster status. That's the main thing that has changed. And 2007 is just as overstuffed as last year. Its a good thing Dreamworks is releasing just 2 films this year.

Madagascar (Widescreen Edition)


toast said...

Maybe they should try some 2d films again. Prince of Egypt and Road to El Dorado were excellent films but once Shrek brought home the bacon 2D was shoved to the side.

Chip Chief said...

It seems like they have totally given up on 2D. Maybe if it becomes "cool" again we will get Spirit 2, and Road to El Dorado 2-5.