22 January 2007

Spider-Man 4 Villain Revealed

Funny that all this hype for Spider-Man 4 is beginning when for all I know, Spider-Man 3 could end up being a total turd. Nah, Spider-Man 3 is going to be the most awesome movie ever... or at least pretty good. Building on news that the hunt for a writer for Spidey 4 is underway, we have some villain news.

So, Dr. Conners, Peter Parker's one-armed professor in Spidey 2 returns for part 3. And according to this interview at iFMagazine.com with Dylan Baker AKA Dr. Curt Conners, when asked if el Lizardo would be in the next film Dylan says:

"All I can say is we’re going to see a lot more of [me] at some point if what Sam says is true, and Sam is the guy who knows, so I am sticking with him."

We know Sam likes the Lizard and also loves villains with personal connections to PP. The seeds have been sown in SM2 and 3.

Basically Spider-Man 4 will feature The Lizard. Bring it on.

Click here for more Lizard facts.


j said...

You ought to link to your Lizard column.

Anonymous said...


Dragulf said...

What about lizard boy? I know. Let's cast the Vulture also played by Robert De Niro.

Anonymous said...

....thats dumb....there should be an effing venom as the effin villain! gosh! HELLO! they already effed up the comic book already, spiderman doesnt acquire the costume first, brock does...from his dad or something like that.