06 February 2007

Double Dip ALERT - Spider-Man 2.1

Ahh, the DVD market when you've never bought a movie enough times. Turns out the long rumored Spider-Man 2 Extended version is finally making its way to DVD just in time to cash in on Spider-Man 3's arrival. The thing is, they showed an extended cut of SM2 on FX around New Years. I don't know is it is this extended version, or another different extended cut, but the additions were pretty minimal. There was an all new recap of Spider-Man 1, just in case you forgot and the credits images weren't enough for you. Also there are little extensions to Peter's birthday party and an alternate costumed "elevator conversation." How this adds up to 8 minutes, I cannot figure out. They must have also replaced some shots with alternate angles and counted those as new footage. There may be some other changes, but you would have to be a bigger geek than me to notice them. So, if you already have Spider-Man 2 on DVD, this definite pass.

So, I wonder how long 'til Spider-Man 2.1.1.

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