20 February 2007

Ink Blots LII - Balto

Balto is supposedly based on a true story, but obviously many liberties were taken. After all, dogs can't really talk. In 1925, a diphtheria outbreak threatened the lives of many youngsters in Nome Alaska. The only available serum was located over 1,000 miles away in Anchorage and the medicine was sent to Nome through treacherous weather by dog sled. The medicine arrived in a sled led by the dog Balto (That is the true part of the story, and it is actually quite amazing).

So basically, Balto and Steele are two hounds after the same female canine Jenna. While Steele is a championship sled dog, Balto is a mutt with heart that inspires other woof woofs to follow him.

Balto made only $11 million in 1995 though 2 direct to video sequels followed. Overall, the animation is pretty decent, as is the music, but other than the fact that this is based on an inspiring true story, I just didn't get too excited about this movie. Thus Balto limps away with just a B-.


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