22 February 2007

Radar Blips - Enemy Mine

The Year: 1985 (2 years after Return of the Jedi)

The Players: Dennis Quaid, Directed by Wolfgang Peterson, and featuring the Sarlaac Pit Monster's cousin.

The Take: $12 Million

So, who's Enemy is it?: A human and a reptilian Drac both crash land on a barren planet after being involved in an interstellar dogfight. They hate each other, and are thus each other's enemy.

Why you should see it: Although a tad heavy handed, this film shows that bitter enemies can become friends when they begin to understand each other and overcome misconceptions. Of course all of this is aided by killer meteor showers, pregnant men, and a turtle eating Sarlaac pit monster. It is one of those good science fiction stories where a thoughtful message outweighs the need for non-stop action.

Enemy Mine


j said...

Good choice. I saw that one a few times on cable growing up.

That teaser trailer however has to be one of the least compelling ones I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed this movie when I saw it back in the day, It reminded me of playing with my toys and all the interstellar battles I put them in......the one difference is that I would have one of my toys shoot the crap out of the other, instead of them turning out as friends in the end.

Dragulf said...

One of my favorite movies.