08 February 2007

Radar Blips - Return to Oz

The Year: 1985 (46 years after The Wizard of Oz)

The Players: No one you know.

The Take: $11,137,801

What's an Oz?: You know the land of the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz, well, Dorothy returns there.

Why you should see it: While the Wizard of Oz is a jolly little film full of Lollipop Guilds, songs, and pansy lions, Return to Oz takes a more twisted (and true to the books) approach to the fantasy land. Dorothy is committed to a mental institution for telling her tales of Oz and is threatened with electroshock therapy. Oz is now occupied by freaky Wheelers (dudes with wheels for hands and feet) a chick with a collection of interchangeable heads, and an evil rock dude who stumbled across some ruby red slippers. Luckily, a pumpkinhead and Tick-Tock are there to assist Miss Dorothy in setting things right. Sadly, Toto is AWOL but a chicken steps up to fill the token animal sidekick role.

Return to Oz


j said...

I can't remember if I saw this before or after I embarked on a quest to read all of the Oz books (seems like there were at least 20 by L. Frank Baum), but this movie introduces a lot of characters who appear in the books (Ozma, Jack, Tik-Tok, Mombi) while being kind of an amalgam of a couple of the books.

Even the first movie is fairly true to the story of the first book for the first half of the story. Did you know...in the book they were "silver shoes" not "ruby slippers" and it was actually Glinda's sister that comes at the beginning, after the house lands on the Witch of the East.

toast said...

This movie was really good. A completely different feel than the 1939 Oz movie that we all know. I love its darkness.

BTW, there is one player that people might know: Fairuza Balk who people may know from the Sopranos as well as Almost Famous and The Craft.

Chip Chief said...

j, did the books have william jennings bryan in them?

toast, thanks fir the info about the one actress who went on to be in something else. :)

j said...

No, sadly William Jennings Bryan was not in any of the books. However, the cowardly lion, who supposedly he was modeled after did appear in some of the other books.