27 February 2007

Star Trek XI Nuggets

Trek 11 has a date, a director, and some potential cast names. Star Trek XI will be directed by its writer JJ Abrams. He did a great job with Mission Impossible 3, and hopefully he can revitalize Trek. I hope they reset the continuity here, because otherwise going back in time in the Trek universe just isn't that exciting.

Anyhow, the movie will open on Christmas Day 2008. For all you heathens, that's December 25, 2008.

As for the cast. So far rumors have named:

Matt Damon as James T Kirk

Adrien Brody as Mr. Spock

Gary Sinise as Bones McCoy

Daniel Dae Kim as Sulu

James McAvoy as Scotty

So far, so good. But please NO Halle Berry as Uhura. She has already seeped her way into the X-Men and Bond franchises and I don't want her turning Uhura into the focus of Star Trek.

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Anonymous said...

Are these the actual people being considered as the cast so far or are these people popular choices of the fans?

Chip Chief said...

These are rumors listed by ign.com, so there is at least a grain of validity to them. The Halle Berry thing was just from me though, and its more of a "please no" than a rumor.