04 February 2007

Transformers - Biggest Collection of Pics on the Web

Here they are with newest additions: Designs of Ironhide, Bonecrusher, Frenzy and Starscream.


Optimus Prime - "The king!"

Bumblebee - "He's the same underdog character we always knew and loved." [Note: Except he's a Camaro in the new movie.]

Jazz - "He's eager to take on the Decepticons."

Ratchet - "Ratchet, who was an ambulance in the cartoon, will appear in a new form."

Ironhide - "The muscle. A tough soldier who can make any Transformer bust an o-ring just with his stare!"


Megatron - "He's been portrayed as pure evil but we're trying to get a little bit behind the evil in this movie. ... He has a slightly less idealistic version of what he thinks humanity is worth."

Starscream - "Always secretly plotting to dethrone Megatron..."

- "An extremely pissed off Decepticon."

Bonecrusher - "The closest thing to a Constructicon in the film."

Barricade - "The hunter of the group -- a cop car."

Scorponok - "Closest thing to Beast Wars or Dinobot in the film."

Frenzy - "A smaller form able to infiltrate spaces -- a stealth spy."

Blackout - "The guy who takes out our ability to fight back."

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Jason Todd said...

wow, just wow........its like they're actually trying to make a terrible Transformers film.......those designs are just plain ugly - based on Transformers or not they just look bad........nothing cool about them to justify the changes........my jaw was firmly on the floor by Starscream................I dont know if I should thank you for archiving all these pics or not

JasonTodd said...

sorry, that read wrong.......

great work for providing the pics.........shame on Spielberg for creating them

Dragulf said...

The pictures are a Realistic protrayal of an Alien Race of Machines. I have no problem with Michael Bay.

Yes, the robots don't look like the cartoons but that is a good thing. Give it a chance.