14 March 2007

Holy Shazam!

According to the New York Daily News, New Line cinemas wants Jake Gyllenhaal to play Captain Marvel. They want to sign him before he gets tempted to replace Tobey McGuire in the Spider-Man franchise.

As for this casting, meh. But the interesting thing is that this same news bit claims New Line is willing to pony up $200 million for the film. WHOA! Are they crazy? Can Shazam outperform Superman Returns? Unlikely. While I enjoy (almost) all things superhero, I just don't know how broad of an appeal the Big Red Cheese has. If they want to blow $200 mil, I wish they would just send some of that cash my way.

S for the wisdom of Solomon
H for the strength of Hercules
A for the stamina of Atlas
Z for the power of Zeus
A for the courage of Achilles
M for the speed of Mercury


toast said...

Maybe Jake will be cast for Billy Baston.

Chip Chief said...

that made me laugh!

j said...

Who's Billy Baston?

Also, growing up I had either a Shazam T-shirt, or Shazam underroos. I forget which.

Chip Chief said...

Billy Batson is the alter ego of Captain Marvel - a 14 year old kid that says "Shazam" to summon lightning that transforms him into the adult superhero. This alter ego doesn't help the chances of a Shazam film being a big hit. Its basically home alone meets superman.

FS said...

Someone please cast Jake as a superhero so we can at least get this all over with. He's becomming the new Nic Cage as far as comic book movies are concerned.

Dragulf said...

Shaqueal Oneal (sp) would make a great Shazam! hehe

Chip Chief said...


Is this what you want? =)

Dragulf said...

Yes, that's what I was alluding to Chip.