06 March 2007

Ink Blots LV - Ice Age: The Meltdown

In Match, the theme will be the many states of H2O, beginning with - ICE.

There really haven't been a lot of animated theatrical sequels. Shrek 2 and Toy Story 2 are the only ones that immediately come to mind... oh and wasn't there a Peter Pan 2. Anyways, of all animated films out there that deserve (or don't deserve) a decent follow-up, Ice Age got the nod. Say what you want about the movie, audiences loved it. It raked in $195 million in the US in March of 06, and a jaw dropping $647 million worldwide (only The Lion King, Shrek 2, and Finding Nemo have made more). I will just come right out and say it, it was NOT that good. But, it was ok.

So, these prehistoric creatures are back for another round. This time, the ice is melting and its migration time. The woolly mammoth Manny thinks he is the last of his kind, until he meets a Queen Latifah voiced Ellie (as in Ellie-phant... haha), only she thinks she is a possum. Hilarity ensues. There are some funny moments with Sid the Sloth and his worshippers, and with the possum pack. Sabretoothed Diego really doesnt have much to do though in this outing. Overall this film is pretty avarage, about on par with the first Ice Age. Even the animation, though better quality maintains that blocky feel.

Of course, there is one crucial element that I failed to mention, and this film's saving grace... Scrat. This little acorn hunting squirrel is the best animated creature creation since Wile E Coyote. The poor dude just cannot get that darned nut. I loved every second he was on screen, and laughed at every one of his clever inflictions. I suspect that he is a huge part of this franchises success, as he was a key to the marketing campaign. Unfortunately he is not on screen enough, but his presence still raises this film to a B.


j said...

I still haven't seen this one. I thought Sid was the best part of the first one, although definitely the Scrat parts are great too.

So should I see this one?

Chip Chief said...

it depends how much you liked the first one. the more i think about it, i think i liked this one better, but they are about the same level. what is really great is the short on the dvd No Time for Nuts, featuring a time traveling Scrat.