30 March 2007

Meet the Robinsons Has Arrived

Ah, remember when Disney animated releases were big events and required viewing? Those days are gone. I am sure I will see this film eventually, but it just looks so bizarre. Chicken Little was better than I expected, though still not great. Maybe this one will be a surprise. The big head little arms T-Rex joke is funny, but the break dancing he does later is horrible. So, if anyone sees this movie, make sure to post your thoughts here.

Chicken Little


n0s0ap said...

I'm pretty excited about this one. The first trailer I ever saw for it a long time ago was way better and much more interesting than the commercials I've seen lately. If I had only seen this current run of advertising I wouldn't be interested at all.

Phantom said...

No $ale. Even the 3-D gimmick doesn't impress me. I'll probably get it on dvd for the kids though, if it's cheap enough.

All these CGI kids films are becoming quite monotonous.

j said...

Sorry, I probably won't see this one until it hits the Redbox if at all. I opted for Blades of Glory instead.

j said...

Ok. So I lied. I saw this tonight and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. I don't think that any of the previews really do it justice. Its a very fast-paced (nearly Moulin Rouge-esque at points) comedy with a lot of wackiness, mixed with some dry wit.

And unless the break dancing T-rex showed up at the very end of the credits, there was no break dancing T-rex in the movie. To be honest I'm confused with the route Disney took promoting this. All I thought going in was that it was about an inventor boy who gets to go to the future. And I mean it was, and there wasn't really tons of plot to this film, but it was the extraneous parts that made it fun.

Also there was a nice Disney short at the beginning which I thought was fun and a nice touch. If they did that before more of their films I can't see anyone complaining.

Chip Chief said...

So far, reviews for MtR have been pretty good. Disney seems to have really botched the ads for this one. Seems like they have almost just written it off. We will have to see if they get behind American Dog when it arrives.

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