01 March 2007

Radar Blips - The Prestige

The Year: 2006 (2 months after The Illusionist)

The Players: Batman (Christian Bale) and Alfred (Michael Caine), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), and David Bowie as Tesla

The Take: $53 Million

What is a Prestige?: A magic trick consists of 3 parts. In the pledge, the magician presents "an ordinary object. In the turn, something happens to the object, i.e. it disappears. The prestige is the height of the trick as the object is restored.

Why you should see it: This tale of rivalry between magicians has enough twists to make M. Night Shyamalan jealous. There is just enough of a science fiction element to this film to make it interesting without it being completely fantastical. It is beautifully shot, and makes you think about the movie long after it is over. The movie is structured like a trick with a pledge, turn, and prestige. Also, unlike The Illusionist, the tricks in this movie are explained. Anyways, when watching a magic show there are always people who claim they know how every trick is done. Those people will claim the don't like this movie because they figured it out, but of course, they are lying. Others will always be baffled by magic tricks. They will tell you this nonlinear movie is too confusing. Don't listen to them either. They are just a bit slow. The rest of us will enjoy a magic trick and will be spellbound by this film.

The Prestige

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