15 March 2007

Radar Blips - Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

The Year: 2004

The Players: Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, a one-eyed Angelina Jolie, and an Apple computer.

The Take: $37 Million

Is the film set in "Tomorrow"?: Actually, no. The film is set in "tomorrow" as you might imagine it if you lived in 1920. It features flying robots, all analogue of course, ray guns, mad scientists, and even some genetically engineered dinos.

Why you should see it: From what I understand most of the effects in this film were created on a home computer, or at least thats how the effects began. Pretty impressive. It is a period adventure, supported by a sepia toned effect that sells the era. From an opening scene where a blimp docks with the top of the Empire State Building to a flying air-craft carrier, this film has a number of anime influenced shots. Oh, and the underwater airplanes are cool too.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Widescreen Special Collector's Edition)


Anonymous said...

When I first read about this movie, I was excited about seeing it........man, all that changed as I began watching it. The word "Craptacular" doesn't even sum it up.....it was boring and the robots were cheese.

Chip Chief said...

There is a definite cheese factor here, especially the over the top eye patch on angelina, but overall, it was a nice throwback to 1950 seriels.

Dragulf said...

Flash Gordon done in this way I could buy.