22 March 2007

Radar Blips - Willow

The Year: 1988

The Players: Starring the biggest "little person" in Hollywood - Warwick Davis (aside from Willow, he was Wicket in Star Wars, The Leprechaun, Flitwick in Harry Potter, and next he is going to be in Narnia), Written by George Lucas, Directed by Opie Cunningham, and also starring Val Kilmer.

The Take: $57 Million

What's a Willow?: Willow Ufgood is the name of Warwick Davis' character. Its a pretty lame name for a dude, but he is a Nelwyn (halfling), so maybe to them its a tough guy name.

Why you should see it: George Lucas wrote this after being unable to acquire the rights to the Hobbit. It has plenty of adventure, little people (like Willow), even littler people (Brownies), and the Han Soloesque Madmartigan (played by Kilmer). Its an epic fantasy with monsters, battles and a great score. This is a truly under appreciated movie which creates a rich fantasy world of swords and sorcery. And even though it was written by GL, there arent any Jar Jars here.

Willow (Special Edition)


j said...

I love me some Willow. I saw this one in the theater, own it on DVD and even played the NES game all the way to the end, but I think I was unable to defeat Bavmorda.

Chip Chief said...

I didnt realize there was a game. Do you play as Madmartigan or Willow? Can you play as a pig?