08 March 2007

Radar Blips - X-Men: The Last Stand

The Year: 2006

The Players: All the players from X2 are back execpt the Incredible Nightcrawler. Newcomer Kelsey Grammer played the furry blue Beast. Also new are Angel, Shadowcat, and the Juggernaut.

The Take: $234 Million

What do they mean by "last stand?": They wanted you to think it was the "last" X-Men film, but really, it is not going to be. It could just as easily be called, X-Men: Take a Stand, but that lacks the oomph.

Why you should see it: While this movie had potential to be unbelievably awesome, it was just pretty good, but hey, pretty good is worth seeing. It has the Phoenix - who should have used her powers more, and a though provoking storyline about a cure for mutants. Juggernaut is well done, and Beast says "Oh my stars and garters." The main problem is that no one in this movie got enough screen time except Wolverine who has already hogged the story for the first 2 films, and Storm who no one likes. There are some great fights and effects, and as always Magneto is awesome.


Dragulf said...

I liked it. Well, except for Storm and the fake Sentinels.

Dragulf said...

Did ya see the new spidey/venom/sandman pics?

Chip Chief said...

Yeah the danger room sequence was terrible. I saw some awesome spidey pics at aint it cool news. I am pumped!

Dragulf said...

I sent you an E-mail Chip.

Anonymous Mysterious Person said...

I didn't like the last stand. I felt it was overly over-rated. The story itself was too rushed, with too many characters dying(obviously will magically come back to life in future sequels, if any) and too many things happening for one movie.

But I do agree that no one likes storm. Haha. Halle Berry should learn how to act better before demanding more screen time. =P