22 March 2007

Side of Chips Updates

From now on, I plan on making a post when I add films to my ever growing sidebar of Films on Tap. Hopefully this will keep up the awareness of what we geeks have to look forward to.

Todays additions are:

Animated Films

Gatchaman - Coming 2008 from the makers of TMNT. The original Gatchaman story revolves around five young superhero ninjas engaged by the International Science Organization to oppose a group of technologically advanced villains, known as Galactor, from trying to take control of the Earth's natural resources. To do so, the ninjas battle various giant monsters deployed by Galactor to capture rare resources.

Astro Boy - Coming 2009. Also from the makers of TMNT. Astro Boy follows the adventures of a robot created in the image of a child but with extraordinary powers. Lost in a complex future world, Astro Boy must learn to find his place. With the help of his friends, he discovers how to use his powers for good.

Other Nerd Bait

The Mummy 3 - Coming 2008. Maybe not the coolest franchise, but Jet Li as the new Mummy has me interested.

The Mummy Collector's Set (The Mummy (1999)/ The Mummy Returns/ The Scorpion King)

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