23 March 2007

Spider-Man 3 - Final Trailer

Will this be the best Superhero movie ever? Methinks YES.

Spider-Man 2 - Unrated, Extended Cut (Two-Disc Deluxe Edition)


j said...

Wow! Looks great. My only fear is that the film will suffer from too many characters/plot lines a la Batman & Robin. Either that or it will drag trying to give each plot enough screen time. But I'm optimistic.

Anonymous said...

They revealed too much!!! DAMN YOU SONY!

Though, seeing venom in action is quite impressive. Loving the symbiote effects as always.

Chip Chief said...

j, how can you even mention spider-man and batman & robin in the same post!? blasphemer! there is a lot going on, but it looks decently balanced, and the osborn plot has been building. my main concern is the whole "real killer of uncle ben" angle.