21 March 2007

Superman Returns on Schedule and With Villains

Last week, I ran a story that Superman: The Man of Steel would be delayed due to Bryan Singer's new project. Well, there have been plenty of folks at Warners claiming that the Singer project would not delay Superman. This is actually believable. For example, Chris Nolan directed the amazing The Prestige between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. So, for now 2009 still looks to be... er... "Super."

Anyways, this morning, The Superman Homepage posted a rumor about the bad guys in the Super sequel. Supposedly, the gattling gun guy from Superman Returns (the dude that shot Superman in the eye, but didn't get a super smack it the face back) is going to be transformed into meanie Metallo. For the uninitiated, Metallo is like the stereotypical "hooker with a heart of gold," only he is a "cyborg with a heart of kryptonite." Maybe we will see some punching after all - IF this is true. The story also claimed Brainiac will be coming to Earth. So far the story sounds to be a much improved over the "radioactive shard island real estate caper" of SR. Lets just hope the kid is kept under control.

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