14 March 2007

Superman's Return Delayed

ImageWho would have thought that bringing Bryan Singer to Superman would have such craptastic results. First we got Superstalker and a healthy dose of zany Luthor, now we are getting the old "pushed back" treatment for Superman: The Man of Steel while Singer works on a thriller. While his other project will probably be good, I want me some Super smackdowns in a Superman sequel.

I guess old Bryan just can't stay put for too long. After abandoning the X-Men and his long loved Logan's Run remake, I guess it was only a matter of time until he found a project he liked better than Supes.

Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition


FS said...

Singer's Superman sequel is as good as dead if you ask me. And to be honest, what director worth a damn would want to take on a franchise that a rehash of Donner's film with added Superbrat?

At least Singer has pulled Chris McQuarrie out of Hollywood's black hole. Let's hope he fares better than the Man of Steel.

Dragulf said...

Aww, no more Supercreep. I'll never care.