01 May 2007

UPDATE: Get a Rise Out of the F42 Trailer

Behold the majestic preview HERE

Or just watch the YOUTUBE version here.


phantom said...

Please hurry with the YouTube link.
For reasons i cannot explain, about 95% of all Apple Quicktime trailers don't seem to work for me. And i am running the latest software too!? :O

Chip Chief said...

bummer, this trailer is actually pretty good, i will try and get it up for you ASAP in another format.

phantom said...

Looks pretty good judging by that trailer. But i've said that a few times now, and then been really disappointed with the end result. Not much of Doom though, apart from the back of his head. Will be watching it regardless anyway! ;)

Adam said...

Defiantly something to check out this summer. It's one of my 6 movies that I want to see in theater.

Spiderman III
Pirates III
Fantastic Four
Harry Potter
Shrek III
Transformers (the big one)

toast said...

This looks like a load of... fun! I'll be there on opening night!

(Only a few days until SM3!!)

Chip Chief said...

welcome back toast, and congrats!