16 April 2007

The Incredible Ed

While the Invincible Iron Man has been getting all sorts of press for the upcoming Iron Man film including great casting and a nicely designed prototype armor, next years Hulk movie has remained fairly buzz free. Well, hopefully this bit of casting news while up the excitement a little.

According to Variety, Ed Norton will be taking over the role of Bruce Banner / The Hulk. In my opinion this is a pretty decent choice, much better than Adrian Brody or David Duchovny as previously rumored.

Now all we need to get hyped is some images of Hulk smashing stuff.


Dragulf said...

Ed Norton is a very very good actor IMO. He can pull it off.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible choice! Where has that guy's career gone?

Phantom said...

Are you serious..? Do "Kingdom of Heaven" and "The Illusionist" ring a bell?
He's a great choice. But i hope they drop the whole 'comic book' picture-in-picture framing. It was ok during the opening credits, but to have to endure it for +2hrs was a stretch.