03 April 2007

Ink Blots LVIII - The Invincible Iron Man

It's heavy metal month! I am kicking things off a bit early as I am going to be on vacation this Tuesday, so enjoy a little helping of Iron while I am away.

Third in line of a series of direct to video features from Marvel comics, The Invincible Iron Man follows Ultimate Avengers 1 & 2 reviewed here and here. This time, the focus is set on a single hero... good idea as the Avengers films were so stuffed with characters that none of them really got a chance to shine.

This film is an origin story of the Ferrite Man and features battles with the Elementals and the Mandarin. I am not a real Iron Man aficionado, but this tale seemed to be a reasonable modernization of the Iron man story. Also, I really liked seeing Iron man do battle in several different suits. He dons an underwater suit, a bulky medieval gray suit and of course the classic red and gold armor. He uses these suits to battle in a glacier and volcano among other places. While that action was good, I was a bit disappointed that Iron Man really only wore his most recognized suit for one scene. Also, his end battle was a bit wussy. The armors in this film were all done with CG. The suits looked good, but felt a bit out of place against the 2D backdrop. Still, the animation and action in the film were pretty good for a DTV.

Tony Stark also got a lot of screen time without his armor as did his buddy Rhodey. This was all fine and good as it let you know that Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are not clones. Anyways, I felt about the same after this as I did after watching the Avengers films. When they were over, I felt like I had seen a decent pilot to an animated series. But, since these films are stand alone projects, I felt disappointed that so much effort was spent setting up a character when no follow up is planned. I really hope to see an Iron Man 2 that builds on the character set up here. But as a stand alone Iron Man also earns a B.

Invincible Iron Man

Ultimate Avengers - The Movie

Ultimate Avengers 2


Dragulf said...

I saw it on Cartoon Network (they have had a lot of direct to dvd comic movies on lately) and it was OK but it was a bit surreal (Huge room inside a wall) and Mandarin was a bit disappointing.

harry said...

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Chip Chief said...

harry, normally i would delete this sort of self promoting comment, but I hope people do visit your blog bc it is one of the lamest and most terrible things I have ever seen.