24 April 2007

Ink Blots LXI - The Road to El Dorado

Back in the day (yeah I guess 1998 wasn't really that long ago) Dreamworks used to make a different kind of animated film. They busted into the scene with The Prince of Egypt which boasted fantastic traditional animation and levereged the Disney formula of songs and heart and mustered a modest hit. A year and a half later, Dreamworks delved out of the spiritual story realm into that of the buddy comedy with The Road to El Dorado. Unfortunately, earing just $51 million, this film was not the success Dreamworks had hoped for, and in a few short years Shrek would forever alter that kind of films that Dreamworks would be known for.

This film followed two conmen Tulio and Miguel voiced by Kevin Kline (not Calvin) and Kenneth Branagh on an adventure to the City of Gold. The two were welcomed as gods, but all they really wanted was to loot the city and return to live as kings in Spain. Then they realize that King is a demotion from God. Also, Tzekel-Kan, one of the priests is hell bent on having a human sacrifice whether the gods demand it or not.

Its actually a pretty funny film along the lines of that other South American buddy comedy that came out in 2000, The Emperor's New Groove. In fact, I think the animation here is even better than the Disney entry with bright colors and a good blend of CG elements. The music in this film is so-so featuring several songs by Sir Elton John. None of the songs really stand out as singles, but they fit the film well enough. I quite enjoyed this film. One scene involving armadillo basketball was particularly fun to watch. There is nothing grandeous here, its just a nice movie about a couple of pals on an adventure. Its too bad films like this do not do better. Anyhow, for hailing back to simpler times, this Dreamworks film earns a B.

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