14 April 2007

The Many Foes of Spider-Man - Tombstone

What would you like on your Tombstone!?

Lonnie Thompson Lincoln was born in Harlem, New York. As Tombstone, he is a superhuman hit man and mob enforcer. He is frequently hired by the Kingpin and has close ties to organized crime and considerable influence within the prison system.

Lonnie started out as troubled youth who was bullied by his peers because he was Harlem's only African American albino. He became a school bully, taking protection money. The school newspaper was edited by Joseph "Robbie" Robertson, who was going to run a story on Lonnie's activities but pulled it when Lonnie intimidated him. Unfortunately, Lonnie allowed his personal demons to direct the course of his life and he turned to a life of serious crime.

As a hitman and enforcer, Lonnie used his albinism to his advantage. He filed his teeth and nails to points, giving him the appearance of a vampire. This frequently caught his opponents off-guard making it easier to kill them. He also lifted weights and engaged in many street fights to hone his fighting skills. As an adult he stood over six and a half feet tall.

As an adult Robertson would regret ever having known Lonnie (who was now known as Tombstone on the street). One night Robertson, now working for a local paper, went to meet a source only to see him being killed by Tombstone. The latter threatened to kill Robertson if he ever confessed the story. Robertson kept the secret for over twenty years whilst Tombstone became a powerful mob enforcer, killing many others. The situation exacerbated when Lonnie returned to Robertson's neighborhood. Eventually Robertson went to the police which resulted in Tombstone's incarceration, but not before Tombstone seriously injured Robertson nearly permanently damaging his spine.

Robertson however was also incarcerated by a judge on the Kingpin's payroll for suppression of evidence. In prison, Tombstone made Robbie's life a living hell and eventually broke out of and forced Robertson to come with him. Tombstone was confronted by Spider-Man but eluded capture after a harrowing battle in which Lonnie and Robertson (fighting on the side of Spider-Man) were knocked into a river. Both men survived and a temporary truce was agreed. Robertson was then given a full pardon for helping recapture Tombstone.

Lonnie eventually gained a superhuman physical constitution. Under a strange set of circumstances, Tombstone was locked in an airtight chamber with experimental gas at the Osborn Chemical Plant. The gas was absorbed into Lonnie's bloodstream and had a mutagenic effect on his body. This resulted in the manifestation of enhanced strength and other heightened physical abilities.

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Spider-Man 3 debuts in 20 days!

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