10 April 2007

Next Up Next

I'm not sure what happened, but the film Next is now being released on April 27 as opposed to sometime in September as previously listed on my sidebar. Next is based on the short story The Golden Man by Philip K Dick. Other Dick book to film adaptations include Total Recall, Minority Report, Paycheck, Screamers, A Scanner Darkly, Impostor, and of course Blade Runner.

Not only does Next feature the semi-annoying Nic Cage, but Nic has repoed Tom Hanks' mullet from The Da Vinci Code. Aside from that, Next looks interesting as most Dick adaptations are. I love Minority Report and quite enjoy Paycheck as a poor man's Minority Report. Even Impostor wasn't all that bad... so bring on NEXT!

Minority Report (Widescreen Edition)

Paycheck (Special Collector's Edition)


Adam said...

Looks like an interesting movie. But probably makes a better book

Chip Chief said...

Thats the thing with these adaptations. The Minority Report was only a few pages, and so is The Golden Man. They make up most of the movie based on the premise, so it will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

I didnt see Deja Vu, but I am getting the same vibe for Next. Anyone see Deja Vu?

finky the kid said...

Didn't see Deja Vu. Thought Minority Report made a much better story than it did a film. Same with Paycheck...if you can get past the big "time pincher" contraption at the end, that is.