19 April 2007

Radar Blips - Supergirl

The Year: 1984

The Players: Faye Dunaway, Peter O'Toole, Jimmy Olson from the other Superfilms, and Helen Slater as Supergirl.

The Take: $14 Million

Super Who?: Even though Kal-El AKA Super-Man is the "Last Son of Krypton," there is a whole colony of "Super Cousins" living in a pocket universe in a city called Argo City (which is somehow in a lake on Earth). Kara Zor-El comes to Earth to reclaim her cities power source which was lost when she used it to make a giant dragonfly. She just happens to have a super costume with her for the trip, so she becomes Supergirl... but that doesn't stop her from assuming an alter ego, Linda Lee, for her brief stay.

Why you should see it: To see how bad it really is. The film has some big names attached, but the only good performance is delivered by Helen Slater who captures a charming naivety that makes Supergirl very endearing in the middle of the mess of a movie she finds herself in. This film is full of plot holes and nonsensical happenings, but some of the fights are ok. Its too bad Slater didn't have a better script to work with.

Supergirl (Unrated Director's Cut)

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Liz said...

I liked this movie! It was kind of silly but it was entertaining.