18 April 2007

V*Ger Returns in Fantastic Four 2

Weather or not you take this story as good news will depend on how much you enjoyed Star Trek: The Motion Picture... You know, the one with the giant cloud that turned out to be a renegade satellite name V*Ger. Anyways, as it turns out old "purple head" Galactus has got a new look for Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer. He has shed the armor and will be appearing as a cloud. Yeah, really. What we dont know is if it will be a cirrus, or perhaps a cumulo-nimbus.

Screenrant.com has an excellent review of the moments leading up to this disappointing reveal:

Here's a quote from Tom Rothman, stated back before the first Fantastic Four movie was made:

"There won’t be any giant robots in any movie my studio makes."

This, of course crushed the idea of ever having Sentinels appear in any Rothman-helmed Marvel superhero flick. (Sentinels being the 10 story tall robots that were created to hunt down mutants.) And since Galactus is portrayed as a giant the size of a planet in the comic books, I guess he fits under that category.

In September of last year Rothman had this to say in regards to Galactus appearing in the movie:

"Yes, I think that Galactus, look, I don’t want to give away too much, right, but I will say this, Galactus will appear and fans will not be disappointed."

Now remember that five months later, in an interview Ioan Gruffudd stated the following regarding Galactus' appearance in the film:

"...his presence is felt in the movie. He doesn't physically appear, no."

Now I'm not saying that a giant dude would necessarily work as Galactus in the movie... sometimes things need to be changed from the comic book version in order to fit better into a live action movie. However, having said that, here's an image a fan did on his home PC using just Photoshop:


So yeah, I think it could have worked.

Well, here is hoping F4:2 outshines the guilty pleasure of a turd that was F4 1.

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Anonymous said...

omg.....I knew they were going to f up on many things in the movie but this takes it way too far.

Anonymous said...

yeah, this one is going to suck, too. AT least there's still Alba to watch.