23 May 2007

20 Moments of Simpsons Ingenuity (15-11)

Part 1 of this countdown offered up the following creative mix ups.

20 - Simpsons Bible Stories - Season 10
19 - 'Round Springfield - Season 6
18 - Springfield Up - Season 18
17 - The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase - Season 8
16 - The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular - Season 7

In this part we will count down from episode 16 to 11.

15 - Flaming Moe's - Season 3

It seems that nowadays an episode of the Simpsons has to have a celebrity guest no matter how forced the inclusion may be, or how minor the celebrity. Back in season 3, this was not so. Prior to Aerosmith's gig at Moe's most of the series guests had voiced actual Springfieldians rather than themselves. Flaming Moe's established that Springfield would be a hot bed for real world celebs to just "pass through."

14 - Treehouse of Horror VI - Season 7

I will be honest, the real innovation didn't come until this episode's 3rd act, Homer3. While the first two "Horrific" tales were perfectly serviceable, this last act brought Homer (and Bart) into a computer animated 3-D environment. There are a number of mathematical easter eggs hidden in this singularity which would make geeks and Futurama fans squeal with glee. Also, the episode ends with Homer in the real world - the show's first live-action sequence.

13 - Who Shot Mr. Burns? - Seasons 6 and 7

Never before or ever again did the Simpsons end a season on a cliffhanger, in fact this is the only pair of episodes in the run so far to make a two-parter. That alone was a bold move, but this hour-long episode was also a massive publicity stunt with cleverly inserted clues as to the real culprit behind the shooting.

12 - Lisa's Wedding - Season 6

Having delved into the past several times, it was only natural for the Simpsons to peer into the future. This episode chronicles to courtship of Lisa to a young British aristocrat. Like all successful ideas, this one would be imitated later in Bart to the Future and Future-Drama (which features a cameo by Futurama's Bender). I am not sure if the future episodes all fit together continuity-wise, but I guess that is OK since the future is not set in stone.

11 - Bart vs. Australia - Season 6

By now, the Simpsons travelogues have become a tired tradition, but when Bart vs. Australia debuted it was a great shake up seeing our favorite family lampooning a foreign setting and offending the locals in real life. Though Bart had been sent to France in Season 1's The Crepes of Wrath, Australia was really the first of the family vacation episodes, an idea that would be revisited with trips to Japan, Africa, China, Italy, Canada, Brazil, England, and New York City.


toast said...

You have compiled a great list! Can't wait to see what makes number one!

Chip Chief said...

thanks toast! what would you guess topped the list?

Anonymous said...

chip, darn you, how can we possibly predict #1 when there's so many to choose from?!