15 May 2007

Ink Blots LXIV - Wallace & Gromit in The Wrong Trousers

This second short film foray into the clay formed world of Wallace and Gromit arrived four years after A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit. The story opens on Gromit's birthday. The lovable little pooch is given a pair of robotic trousers that can take him for walks while Wallace sits around eating cheese. It turns out that Wallace has a spare "room to let." A shifty eyed penguin decided to rent the room, but opts for Gromit's room rather than the spare. This sends Gromit to the literal doghouse. Turns out, this shifty eyed penguin is actually a diabolical criminal who disguises himself as a chicken during robberies by putting a glove on his head. Wallace is a pawn in the schemers latest heist as are the robotic trousers.

This short is full of clever gags and silly moments. At one point Gromit shown reading a newspaper with the headline "Dog Reads Newspaper". If you think that's funny, this short will have you cracking up. The clay style is a perfect medium resulting in hilarious facial expressions on the characters. In fact, the work here is so fluid, its easy to forget that this is stop motion. The whole thing ends up in a daring train chase scene, well model train to be exact. Our hero Gromit steals the show, though the penguin is a welcome guest star. Of the 3 Wallace and Gromit 30 minute shorts, this one is my personal favorite. For this outing, this pair of cheese eaters earn an A.

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phantom said...

This one is my favorite also. I didn't really care for the movie much either. I doubt they will ever top 'The Wrong Trousers'.