29 May 2007

Ink Blots LXVI - The Rescuers Down Under

Sorry for the slow posting as of late, I am in between ISPs. Bear with me. :) Now, onto the show.

Few people remember that sandwiched between the two favs The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast was Disney's first animated sequel - The Rescuers Down Under. 13 years after the original Rescuers, looking for a hit to ease the wait for Beauty and the Beast, Disney went back to the Rescuers well. The original had performed fairly well with a $29 million take in 1977. Down Under was not as big a hit earning only $28 million (1/3 of mermaids take a year earlier).

The film boasts nice animation including a Miyazakiesque flying sequence. As for plot, Down Under has pretty much the same story as the original Rescuers. Overall, I probably slightly prefer this sequel to the first. It has has brighter colors and a fresher villain pair (Joanna the lizard and the poacher) that is just a Cruella knock off. John Candy was one of the more memorable characters as the funny Wilbur the seagull.

I cant imagine people being too passionate about the Rescuers characters or movies, or them being someone's favorite Disney films. Still this one is ok, worth a B-.


j said...

I think the fatal flaw was a lack of singing characters. If Disney wants to have "classics", they need to design them in the style of musical theater, with characters breaking into song throughout. Thats what people want from Disney. Why Disney won't give them that, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Wilber an albatross? Is that the same as a seagull?

Chip Chief said...

you are right, i am pretty sure he was an albatross, i just forgot the name of the species when i was writing this :)