10 May 2007

Radar Blips - Déjà Vu

The Year: 2006

The Players: Denzel Washington, a chubby Val Kilmer, and James Caviezel

The Take: $64 Million

Do you mean Vujà Dé?: Nope, Déjà Vu - as in the feeling that this has happened before - as in this movie involves wormholes and temporal anomalies but no tachyon pulses. But mostly its an action / thriller sprinkled with a bit of glossed over theoretical physics.

Why you should see it: Very captivating and interesting story with some as usual great work by Denzel. One of the film's highlights is a 4 dimensional car chase. Now thats something I havent seen before... or have I. :) Not sure why this film didn't perform better, its got all the ingredients of a hit, and ranks up there with many of the Philip K Dick adaptations.

Deja Vu

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