24 May 2007

Radar Blips - Dragonheart

The Year: 1996

The Players: Dennis Quaid and Sean Connery as the "Last Dragon"

The Take: $51 Million

Is this a sequel to Braveheart?: Nope, the title is a reference to the fact that the evil king has attained near immortality by receiving a heart transplant from a dragon.

Why you should see it: There are not very many dragon films out there, and of the handful that there are, this one aint bad. Sean Connery as the voice of Draco is a nice touch as well. Its the story of a knights quest to wipe out Dragonkind after he believes a dragon heart transplant corrupts the young king turning him into a tyrant.

Dragonheart - 2 Legendary Tales Double Bill

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Anonymous said...

I actually liked this one......the dragon was also cool looking too.