10 May 2007

Robots Undisguised

Here they are folks. Big Pics of Transformers in Robot mode from Michael Bay's Blog:

Optimus Prime









tomsaville said...

Nice posing. I never grew up watching Transformers so I'm indifferent about the whole debate. Still...looks good.

finky the kid said...

Robots "disguised" as crap!

QUESTION: Why does IRONHIDE have the big effin gun instead of Megatron???

Eh, most of these are just not impressive. Hey, where's Ratchet- he's the one I was most interested to see, besides Jazz (which is one that I actually kinda like)

Chip Chief said...

yeah, bonecrusher and barricade are missing too. i am actually looking forward to this, but trying to keep my expectations low.

Shiro said...

I like all of them. Frenzy's a little weird, but I don't know what he's supposed to be. All the designs look fantastic to me, but I've never been a purist when it comes to Transformers, (just when it comes to anime)...

I can't wait for this movie...

toast said...

The decepticons are all the same colour and quite indistinguishable (except Frenzy). I'm afraid we won't be able to tell who's who when they are all in battle.

phantom said...

Of all of those, i'm probably most impressed with Jazz and Frenzy. Although he looks nothing like his original G1 incarnation, Frenzy just looks mean to me. (He transforms into a boombox btw.) Jazz is pretty much spot on. All we need now is to know who is doing the voices!

Chip Chief said...

so whats the difference between frenzy and soundwave?

phantom said...

Soundwave was the Decepticon tape deck in the orignal G1 lineup. Frenzy was one of several tapes which would eject from Soundwave, if the situation called for him.

In Michael Bay's Transformers, Frenzy is a component of Barricade, who later scans & disguises himself as a boombox. You can see him transform in the teaser trailer 'Hidden'.

Dragulf said...

I am hoping for a trilogy!

Adam said...

There actually are plans for a trilogy of these moves... they just have to do good with the first one

Anonymous said...

Great. A trilogy of crappy looking robots.

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