31 May 2007

Shrek 5? Now This is Just Getting Silly - Or Should I Say LESS Silly

From TheAge.com

Let's start with the Shrek series - after all, it's the franchise that saved DreamWorks SKG, the company Katzenberg co-founded 13 years ago with director Steven Spielberg and music mogul David Geffen. It also provided Katzenberg with a huge sense of personal vindication after he was sacked from the Disney Corporation by studio boss Michael Eisner in 1994.

But today Katzenberg would rather celebrate his own good luck than gloat. "They (the Shrek films) defined us as a company in terms of what a DreamWorks Animated movie is and can be and should be, so they really helped us find ourselves. That first Shrek saved the company financially. We're here today because of it. It's been a great blessing. I refer to it as the gift that keeps on giving."

The fourth Shrek instalment is in train, scheduled for release in 2010. The fifth, he says, will be the last. "It's a finite story, has been from the beginning and I think that's part of its integrity, part of its strength, that we're not thinking this up as we go," he says. "Ultimately we will come back to understand how Shrek arrived in that swamp. We will reveal his story."

While the animation in the new Shrek is extraordinary, and the film has retained much of its charm and humour, some reviewers have noted the sparkle is gone. The Hollywood Reporter thought "much of the bite and a good deal of the wit of the first two films are missing here . . . DreamWorks Animation has clearly gone to the well one time too many in Shrek the Third."

Worse, it went on, the green ogre's "manners and disposition have improved to the point (where) he is threatened by middle-class respectability".

Is it too much to expect the third to have the explosive quality of the first? "Of course it is," says Katzenberg. "That's a criticism that has been made, but . . . it has almost no validity to it. How is it possible that the third could have that level of surprise?"


finky the kid said...

I was over it after Shrek 1

Dragulf said...

Maybe they can bleed people for more money with a 6th movie?

j said...

Personally I can't wait for Shrek's Shrektacular Christmas Special, and Donkey goes to the Vet.

Chip Chief said...

j, not sure if you are joking (well I know you are being sarcastic) but there really is a Christmas Special in the works: Shrek the Halls.