20 May 2007

Shrek Comes in Ogre and Above

Holy Shrek! It wasn't a surprise that Shrek won the weekend, but the scale in which he achieved that goal was impressive. King Shrek set the third highest weekend total ever with 122 million bones, topping Shrek 2's mighty debut back in 2004. With next weekend being memorial day, Shrekster should be crossing the $200 million mark soon. My $325 million prediction may turn out to be a bit low, I also suspect that Shrek may end up in the #2 spot ahead of Spidey.

Speaking of Spider-Man 3, the film dropped another 51% from last weekend, but has climbed up to $280 million. The web-head may come up shy of my prediction, but $300 million is a done deal, and $330 to $340 million looks likely. 2010 may see another showdown between these two box office behemoths.

Next weekend, the Pirates are sailing into town. I stand by my prediction that they will NOT take the 3 day record from Spider-Man 3, but if you throw in Memorial Day and Thursday night showings the pirates could come out of next Monday with around $175 million in the coffers. We shall see. Surely though, X-Men: The Last Stands Memorial Day Weekend record of $123 million is about the be trounced. Arrrrrrrrrrrr.

Current Rankings:

#5 Delta Farce - $6,126,000 (-.-%)*
#4 Georgia Rule - $12,614,000 (-.-%)*
#3 28 Weeks Later - $18,611,000 (-.-%)*
#2 Shrek the Third - $122,907,000 (37.8%)*
#1 Spider-Man 3 - $281,858,000 (74.2%)*

*Percentages indicate accuracy compared to my predictions

My Predictions:

#9 Evan Almighty - $170,000,000
#8 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - $175,000,000
#7 The Bourne Ultimatum - $185,000,000
#6 Transformers - $205,000,000
#5 Ratatouille - $260,000,000
#4 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - $275,000,000
#3 Shrek the Third - $325,000,000
#2 Spider-Man 3 - $380,000,000
#1 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - $395,000,000


Dragulf said...

I think your Transformers guesstimate is a little low.

Chip Chief said...

you may be right. in the month since i made these predictions, transformers has turned up the heat. this one could come closer to 250 - 275 mil.

Shiro said...

I agree. Every trailer seems to be getting better and better, and Bay is insisting on his Virb site that we are not seeing ANY of the money shots in these trailers yet. Like I said, I think this is THE movie on my list for the summer...

Dragulf said...

Spiderman 3 Domestically, it's earned $281.9 million.
Its worldwide total has reached $747 million.
Combined grosses of the Spidey franchise have hit $2.34 billion.

finky the kid said...

Can't believe Dreck opened this well. It's gotta be because all the theaters have raised their prices since last year. ;)

The only thing TF has going against it (besides much geek hate, which doesn't necessarily translate to anything off-line) is that it doesn't have the range of audience appeal that Dreck does(families, teens, tweens, adults who like comedy, fantasy, etc). My parents who went to see Superman and Spider-man don't like the look of TF, nor does it have the "safe popularity" of the main charatcers in those other films.

Dragulf said...

Finky, Transformers has 20+ years worth of worldwide recognition. It's giant robots fighting, what's not to like? Does it need a plot? I bet in Japan it breaks all their records.