07 May 2007

ACTUALS: Spider-Man is Box Office Venom for Competition

Update: The news keeps getting better. Spidey actually busted through the $150 million barrier over the weekend.

I have underestimated Spider-Man every time one of his movies debuts. Its just hard for me to believe that the friendly neighborhood arachnid is so much more popular than The Man of Steel. While my personal preference is to the web-head, I would think they would be a little closer in the public view. Anyways, Spider-Man 3 had an amazing, opening weekend. He manged to tangle a spectacular $148 million in his web. This sensational figure smashed the weekend record set last year by Pirates 2. I think that what really propelled Spidey aside from the obvious anticipation and inclusion of Venom was the otherwise drought of interesting films currently in theaters. Disturbia came in 2nd place this weekend with less than $6 million. Unchallenged, Peter Parker was able to have his way with moviegoers. Pirates 3 may be a popular film, and may end up beating Spider-Man 3, but with stiff competitions from the Spider, and a little green ogre, retaking the weekend crown should prove futile.

Next weekend, Spider-Man is again unchallenged. Even with usual steep comic book drop offs, Spider-Man should still take home a pretty penny. After all, even a drop as high as 66% would still give Spidey another 50 million bones. That ain't chump change.

Current Rankings:

#2 Lucky You- $2,710,445 (-.-%)*
#1 Spider-Man 3 - $151,116,516 (39.8%)*

*Percentages indicate accuracy compared to my predictions

My Predictions:

#9 Evan Almighty - $170,000,000
#8 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - $175,000,000
#7 The Bourne Ultimatum - $185,000,000
#6 Transformers - $205,000,000
#5 Ratatouille - $260,000,000
#4 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - $275,000,000
#3 Shrek the Third - $325,000,000
#2 Spider-Man 3 - $380,000,000
#1 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - $395,000,000


Dragulf said...

375 Million worldwide. Yeah, I'd say Spiderman whipped Superman's ass easily. How long did it take SR to make 200M? 3 months? hehe

Shiro said...

That 148 million is still just an estimate since they don't have the numbers from today yet. It may make more. My wife and I are probably seeing it today.

I understand your point about Spidey versus Superman, but another thing to consider is the quality of film-making involved. Both of the former Spiderman films were phenomenal. Superman has had quite a spotty history on screen, with only the first two being any good. And with Singer's horrendous "modernization" of the character, SR was just ok, in my book. Even my MOM likes Spidey for pete's sake, and she can't stand comic book movies...

Chip Chief said...

To be fair to Superman, I should point out that Spider-Man 3 has already out grossed Ghost Rider's entire take and has almost overtaken Fantastic Four. So Supes isn't the only hero caught with his pants down.

Shiro said...

Again, I think that's an issue of quality. Both of the movies you mentioned got more than their fair share of bad press and word of mouth. FF I know wasn't that great, but I still haven't seen GR because of what I've heard and am waiting for the DVD... SR was better than many of the reviews said it was, but the re-imagining of the character is what I think a lot of people had a problem with...

BTW, I'm not arguing. We're essentially agreeing, I just really enjoy the discussion of this stuff... ^_^

Chip Chief said...

oh, i know you arent arguing. :) I also just enjoy these kind of comparisons... hence the blog.

i just have a hard time understanding how spider-man is the biggest film franchise in the world. but you are right. my mom likes him too, and she would never go see fantastic four, or even batman. nor did she see superman returns.

maybe moms are the best litmus test. if our moms like a movie, its gonna be huge!

Dragulf said...

The main reason I mentioned SR vs S3 is the Budget. 270M vs. 258M seems rather compatible to me.
Sony also claims to have spent over 100M in advertising. HAHA!

phantom said...

Looks like money well spent!

Did you read over at Freeze Dried Movies, the villains for Spider-man 4 have been 'announced'..? ;)

Chip Chief said...

phantom, come back tomorrow for my take on the SM4 villains.

j said...

I'm a little confused by the % stuff with the predictions. Any chance you could clarify whats going on there?

Chip Chief said...

j, the percents are just to show you what percentage of my prediction the movies have earned thus far. i guess your fancy phd didnt help you figure that out huh :)

phantom said...

"The weekend's other wide release, Lucky You, folded out of the gate, drawing $2.7 million at 2,525 venues. It was among the weakest starts ever for a very wide release. Distributor Warner Bros. had batted the poker romance around the release schedule since 2005."

Hey WB, i've got a good idea, release it the same time as Spider-man 3... O_o

finky the kid said...

"Lucky You". Heh, how ironic.

Anonymous said...

so are the $151 & the $380 mil are the actual numbers and not from your prediction? because i read from imdb the international take was $382 mil

Chip Chief said...

151 mil is the actual domestic take, and 382 the actual worldwide total. my prediction for overall domestic total is 380 million. i still think that number is a good prediction, but i guess i will know better in a couple more weeks.