01 May 2007

The Superman and The Flash Meet The Batman

The Batman Saturday morning cartoon has followed a natural progression over its first 4 seasons. In season 1, Batman had just finished busting the non-costumed criminals in Gotham. Escalation ensued and Batman had WAY too many run ins with The Jokers and The Penguin. In season 2, The Batman got himself a partner in The Gotham PD. Many of the baddies also teamed up with the hope of besting the bat - The Firefly and The Mr. Freeze, The Catwoman and The Penguin, The Penguin and The Man-Bat all cam up short. At the end of the season The Gordon showed up and Gotham PD decided to stop hunting The Batman and to work with him. Season 3 introduced The Batgirl as a sidekick who had WAY too many run ins with The Joker. Then season 4 introduced another partner for Bats - The Robin. Season 4 ended with The Martian Manhunter of all people teaming up with Batman. (Also there was a great DTV The Batman vs Dracula that took the show to a dark and fun level, though The Joker AND The Penguin were also present) So where does season 5 go from here? Its time to form The Justice League with The Flash and The Superman among others.

I have mixed feeling about this. There was an excelent Justice League series that was only just cancelled. WHY? That show was awesome and its lame if it got canned just to do another The League here. Also, this show is called The Batman. So I hope he still gets some moments to shine on his own. Having said that, it will be fun to see all our super friends again. Maybe the show will spin off into a new show for season 6. If Pokemon can have 500 episodes (not an exaggeration) why can't bats get up to 100?

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