24 May 2007

Yar, Pirates Ahoy!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End opens at 8:00 tonight! So if you catch the first showing, after previews, and 3 hours of movie, you should be getting home by midnight. Make sure to post your thoughts and reviews here.

So why is the movie opening tonight rather than at midnight or tomorrow?

My hunch is that after Spider-Man 3 demolished the 3 day weekend record with $151 million, Disney realized that Pirates 3 would probably not recapture that record. Though Memorial Day will boost the films overall take, it will also dilute the 3 day totals a bit. So, Disney (probably wisely) decided to not worry about records, and worry instead about making boat loads of cash. None of the money made tonight before midnight will count toward the weekend total, but with huge demand for the film, Pirates 3 could make around $10 -$15 million extra during this early window. Who knows, maybe those Johnny Depp loving teens will even still be back during the weekend for another 3 hour helping.

Anyways, expect Pirates to have gathered about $175 million before Memorial Day is over, an great 4 1/2 day take.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)


Anonymous said...

Caught an 8:45 Show, & Let Me tell you...It was well worth the price of admission! To be honest I never really paid attention to "Pirates" because Ive never seen a pirate film really succeed growing up (and no I dont Count Peter Pan). But with the popularity of the series, I had to give it a shot. during the past few weeks I watched the first two films on DVD and for the first time in a long time, i felt like i was right in the movie, instead of simply watching it. In the first few minutes, It grabs at you, and from start to finish, theres no way out, And no need to find one! At World's End was no different. While some parts (especially the ending) were somewhat predictable partway into the film, it didnt lessen its value going into the final scenes. Couple of Twists & Turns Along the Way, and The Final Confrontation, Just Know That You Will Be Amazed!!!. This film is full of references to its previous counterparts, even mentioning...actually let me just say the ending is an interesting reference if you catch it, i dont wanna spoil it, leaving the possibility for a 4th (although i highly doubt it) film (Ill Post it if someone dosent already know). I dont think they needed to open this thursday, its possible they might overturn Shrek, but its all the better to see it a day early! The Bottom Line is, If you havent seen it, GO NOW

P.S.: If youve noticed, The past two films have had a final scene after the credits finish rolling. and you wont belive what happens after the credits roll for this film (That is, If you dont already guess), So hang out a couple minutes afterwards!

Chip Chief said...

Nice review, its good to hear that you liked it after seeing so many negative reviews. The same happened with Spider-Man. The critics all hated it, but I quite enjoyed it.

So, after seeing all 3 films, how would you rank them?

Anonymous said...

i would rank them exactly as they are. "Curse of the Black Pearl" was great on its own merit, and left people wanting more. I would Probably toss it up against "Dead Mans Chest" Because it set so many conflicts up by the end. it made You feel like saying "Holy Crap! Jack's Dead? East India Has Control of The Ducthman? and others". I Put "At World's End" last because it Answers these questions, And while some of the scenes were a bit lengthy, they provided some sense of humor and suspense along the way. Overall I think that it was the perfect way to end the trilogy and i hope that they dont go any further, Unless they go along with the plot from the Credit Ending.

anonymous mysterious person said...

I, on the other hand, am not totally satisfied with the movie. While I agree that the three hours was worth the ticket price, I am not utterly wow-ed by the outcome.

The plots were all haywired, and went by so fast before audience could digest it. Also, I was disappointed not to see the fairy tale ending Disney was so well known for (I hope there's a fourth to justify this) even though it gets cliche.

Also, what is up with Will Turner continuing to betray the gang? He's like a character acting based on his own personal agendas, with no morals, and not caring about anything else. And he's supposed to be one of the heroes. Whats more shocking is how Elizabeth Swan easily married him. Its like "We can't trust each other" in one moment and "Whopee, we're married" the next.

I guess I would have called it a bad movie if I was not biased towards the Pirates series. Its kinda a funny feeling, liking it and getting disappointed with it at the same time.

One thing I could comment it for, is the great visuals and art direction. Well, It had always been great throughout the first two anyways.

So, my final verdict would be: Go watch it! But, just do not expect a perfect movie.

Anonymous said...

well remember Will had to save his father, & to do so he needed the Black Pearl and the only people who had authority higher than Davy Jones at the time were East India. And Barbosa & Sao Feng stated at the start that the only way pirates can make a profit is by betraying other pirates

Plus, That wedding was long awaited, from the beginning of the second film. after learning the truths about what the two had done they realized they were not betraying each other, Elizabeth felt guilty that she had left jack to the Kraken at the end of Dead Mans Chest, and like i said before, Will Wanted to free his father from the dutchman.