18 June 2007

Before Heroes There Was The 4400

The television show The 4400 returned last night for season 4 on of all places the USA network. For fans of Smallville, Heroes or the superhero genre, this show is worth checking out. In the first season, 4400 people that has been abducted throughout the last 50 or so years were all returned at the same time to a lake outside of Seattle Washington. It is later discovered that some of these 4400 returnees have new enhanced abilities. Most are your standard fair healing, telepathy, etc, but some are sort of unique - the ability to make a plague from blistering skin, the ability to create alternate realities. What is more interesting is the manner in which they use their abilities, the effects of which are shaping the future. You see, it wasn't aliens that abducted and modified these 4400 people, it was the future trying to prevent a catastrophe.

The show centers around a couple of National Threat Assessment Command (NTAC) agents who manage the 4400 affairs often dealing with mini crises. While its not the greatest show ever, its pretty good for a summer hiatus show, and though the creators of Heroes claim to have never seen the 4400, they also claim to have never read X-Men, which is clearly untrue.

So if you've got the USA network and are looking for a new show to try out, give the 4400 a shot.


Jethro said...

I started this on the second season. It was a pretty good show, but now I don't watch it much. No more DVR.

Chip Chief said...

season 2 was the high point. as for needing a DVR, the episodes are on like 10 times each. if you turn to USA, chances are either 4400 or monk will be on (or dead zone).

Alexandra said...

I've been watching the show since the beginning. There's going to be some revelations this season. I love it!

wicartic said...

I love the 4400, I've been a fan since the pilot. I always leave room on my schedule just so I would not miss an episode. There is no other show that I do that for. I Know that yesterday was the 4th Season finale (and hope that there is a 5th season). I have watched Heroes, but not all the episodes, it doesn't keep my interest like the 4400 does.