19 June 2007

Ink Blots LXIX - Shrek the Third

I think I liked Shrek better when no one liked him. At the beginning of Shrek the Third, the not so jolly green ogre assumes the crown of far far away much to the joy of the townsfolk. What!? When did Sir Shrek become a hero to the people? I liked it when Shrek was being hunted and despised. rather than celebrated. Anyhow, Shrek, wanting nothing more than his simple swamp life, seeks out Justin Timberlake aka little Artie to rule in his stead. Hilarity ensues.

There were a couple of good jokes in the movie. I always enjoy the gingerbread man and a scene where his life flashed before his eyes was great. Also, Pinocchio's efforts to not lie while obscuring the truth earned a chuckle. Unfortunately, while Shrek 3 wasn't by any means a bad movie, it was just more of the same. More Evil Prince Charming, more grumpy Shrek, and more ugly Fiona. Fiona even gets a posse when she throws a baby shower for the little ogrelings in her belly. Of the group, Snow White was the best with a great homage to the Disney Snow White film ending in an animal assault.

Once again, the animation in Shrek the Third was top notch. Basically, Shrek the Third is a fairly good time (as long as your kid isn't continually trying to escape from the theatre) especially for fans of the first 2 films. The movie is raking in the cash zipping past Shrek 1's 267 mil and looking to close out around $320 mil or so. Still I doubt crowds are aching for the impending Shrek's 4 or 5, but Dreamworks can't stop shaking their main moneymaker. Shrek the Third isn't a total turd, but failing to really mix up the formula, Shrek 3 makes a C-.

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