14 June 2007

Radar Blips - Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

The Year: 2005

The Players: Big George Lucas, Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson, Yoda, and Chewie (Raaaaaarrrrrrrrrr)

The Take: $380 Million

Do the Sith their revenge?: I guess so, for what I am not sure, but the Jedi definitely get their tail's whooped.

Why you should see it: After generous helpings of political turmoils and cheesy romance, we got a film full of saber fights. While none match the Maul fight in Episode 1, Yoda vs Palpy, OB vs Ani, and Sam Jax vs Paly are all cool, as is OB vs the coughing cyborg. The film also opens with the best space battle of the prequel saga. Some of the Jedi were too easily disposed of, and this film didn't answer everything (like how did Qui Gon become a ghost), but the movie does present Darth Vader as a really bad dude and completes the masterful Emperor's plan. Also, watching this film can't help but make you want to continue on with Episode IV, the film that started it all.


j said...

I think that was my biggest gripe, the way that all the jedi were so easy to kill. After seeing nothing but amazing-ness from Jedi through 5 films, all of a sudden, you could just walk up behind one and shoot it dead.

Chip Chief said...

Also, I don't care how good a swordsman Palpatine is, a couple of the Jedi he killed didn't even parry a single blow.

n0s0ap said...

And the whole end scene, what was up with that? We wait through three whole bad movies just waiting for the appearance of Darth Vader and they do it in like 5 mins. And here he is the baddy of the universe and he spends his first moment of awesomehelmethood whimpering? And then the fists in the air NOOOOOO! I couldn't help laughing. Not the way I would have brought Vader into the world but, whatever, George can still have my money whenever he wants it.

finky the kid said...

Above all the petty cheese like "Noooooooo!" and the all-too-convenient way the Jedi are so easily dispatched by "order 66", the thing that I get hung up on with Sith is that it really takes the "oomph" out of the realization that Vader is Luke's father in Empire.

I would have preferred GL to make it a little ambiguous whether (1) Anakin did end up becoming Darth Vader or (2) that the twins were named "Luke" and "Leia". All us original fans would know, but future generations who watch them in order (god help them) won't have the same experience with A New Hope and Empire already knowing Luke and Leia are sibs and that DV is their father.

finky the kid said...

And I think Palpy's lightsaber skills were just a little too over-the-top when compared with Emperor in the OT who used only deception, lies, and a little force lightning.