28 June 2007

Rats! Pixars Newest Has Arrived.

Ratatouille has arrived. How does Pixar's Rats compare against the near flawless slew of Pixar movies? This is the place to post your thoughts and reviews as well as your box office predicts.


Anonymous said...

it's gonna be funny, but not for younger kids......or because summer vacation started for the kids, the movie will make a good amount of money.

I say 8 million starting weekend and 200 million overall.

Chip Chief said...

wow, 8 million would be a pretty bad opening. hopefully it gets around 50 to 60 million this weekend.

i saw the movie, and it is yet another pixar masterpiece.

Lizzy said...

I might see the movie, but I don't think I'll buy any rats stirring soup stuffed animals for my kids.