15 June 2007

Rise and Shout, The Surfer is Out!

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is here. I am going to try and catch it today, and I will post my thoughts. Every one else, post your thoughts and box office predictions here! I stand by my $175 million (actually, that may end up a bit high) prediction, after a 3 day opening of $68 mil. I just hope the film does well enough to ensure old mirror face gets his own movie.


tomsaville said...

I saw it last night through the company I work for and not really knowing too much about the whole Galactacus storyline, it wasn't that bad. The action scenes were fun but the acting was cheesy. Alba's wig was so bad and the surfers effects were amazing.

Galactus didn't bother me that much...would have liked to see him at the very end though.

Chip Chief said...

Well, hopefully this can tide us over until Iron Man next year.