15 June 2007

Silver's No Gold, But It Still Has a Bit of a Shine

Obviously I am a bit biased. I enjoy practically every superhero film I see (aside from the abysmal Catwoman). The fact that I waste countless hours blogging about superhero films should be a hint at my fanatical viewpoints, so if I don't like a superhero film, you know its bad.

Over the past two days I have beheld both Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and have had 2x the fun. Neither is the next X2 or Batman Begins, but neither is devoid of charm. Ghost Rider's fights were a bit weak, but the Rider himself was awesome. As he swung his chain around and rode his flaming bike up the side of a building, I was grinning like a chesire cat.

As for F4:2, the Silver Surfer was incredible. Even the Morpheus voice wasn't too bad as the guy wasn't very talky. The movie had a number of funny scenes mostly involving the Thing and "John" Storm. It seemed that the teammates each got their scenes in the spotlight. Galactus AKA V'yger was hardly in the movie, and had absolutely no semblance of non-cloud form. Still, his stormyness wasn't too big an issue, and I think the epic F4 story was pretty well adapted. Back also was Dr. von Doom. Of all the problems with the first film, Doom was the main one that didn't get addressed. He was still pretty lame and wussy, though his final fight was cool. The Fantasticar was ok, but also the source of some pretty blatant product placement for Dodge. "Hemi?" "Of Course." Overall, if you hated Fantastic Four, this one is pretty much a cooler version of the same formula, but still has ample portions of corniness. But if you liked parts of the first one, this one has even more to like. As I have said before, the secret to the elusive sequel that is better than the original is setting the bar nice and low. So, in short, I liked it. Its a good solid second tier superhero film sort of on par with the original Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles or Daredevil.

One last note, at a mere 89 minutes, surely a lot was cut. I am interested to see what makes it onto the inevitable Fantastic Four 2 extended DVD. And the Silver Surfer solo film should be great!


j said...

Just got back from seeing this at the Drive-in. Have to say I was less than impressed. Yes, the silver surfer was cool especially when he was stopping the missles. I enjoyed most of the action in this movie, but the dialogue was bordering on "Ice to meet you", and a significant number of plot elements seemed way to far fetched. I think I may have actually enjoyed Ghost Rider more.

Chip Chief said...

yeah, especially the bachelor party had some cluncky one-liners and camp. but they still never said "feels like my skull's on fire." but the whole power swapping stuff was actually pretty funny.

j said...

No you're right, some of the power swapping was pretty funny. I just thought this movie suffered by focussing too much on "relationship" stuff and less on action. The silver surfer was pretty cool slapping down missles, but most of his onscreen time was him strapped to a table or reaching out with his feelings.

Anonymous said...

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