13 June 2007

Surferman Returns

Looks like if Fantastic Four 2 is a hit, the Silver Surfer will be flying solo in his own film (i just hope he ditches the freaky Lawrence Fishburne voice). Thor is also moving forward. According to Latimes.com:

Feeling bullish on the eve of the release of its "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," Fox has already put a feature spinoff into development that will star the enigmatic Surfer, with J. Michael Straczynski currently crafting the screenplay.

Despite lackluster reviews, the first "Fantastic Four" raked in $329 million worldwide, apparently a result of its appeal to younger viewers. So the sequel, which opens Friday with a story by John Turman and Mark Frost and a screenplay by Frost and "Simpsons" writer Don Payne, has skewed its tone even softer. This has resulted in a PG rating, which has provoked a disgusted outcry from fans online who churlishly point out that even Harry Potter is now too gritty for 11-year-olds.

They may have a point, given that this film ostensibly features a Christ-like harbinger of doom like the Surfer and Galactus, a God-like destroyer of worlds whose rep may be a little inflated. Reports from the project's development indicate that the producers kept trying to purge Galactus entirely from early versions of the screenplay.

Well, perhaps the studio has heard the negative static, since it apparently hopes to spin the new Surfer franchise in a darker direction to attract the slightly older demographic of its X-Men films. If so, Straczynski, whose original screenplay "The Changeling" is on director Clint Eastwood's slate, is a logical pick for the Surfer story line.

A longtime writer of television science fiction on "The Twilight Zone" and "Babylon 5," Straczynski has also spent much of the last few years writing for Marvel Comics on properties like "Amazing Spider-Man" and "Thor" (also in development with a Mark Protosevich screenplay and "Layer Cake's" Matthew Vaughn reportedly negotiating to direct). Straczynski recently penned 15 issues of Fantastic Four for Marvel, and the first issue of his "Silver Surfer: Requiem" series just published last month, with three more in the works.

Seems like Straczynski's on the rise too.


Anonymous said...

Surfer is the only good looking thing in FF2...besides Alba, that is.

Chip Chief said...

Even Alba looked better in part 1. But the Surfer just may save the day. Too bad Namor is licensed to Universal or else we might have gotten Fantastic Four : Rise of Namor next as opposed to Fantastic Four : Rise of the Black Panther.

tomsaville said...

Namor probably wouldn't have been an ideal villian...water effects cost alot of money. The ultimate storyline would have been cool though.

Dragulf said...

Silver Surfer solo movie? WOW, I'd pay to see that.

Chip Chief said...

Hopefully you would also be paying to actually see Galactus.

Dragulf said...

Firelord, Nova, Thanos... Yeah!